If your business depends on 2D photography to create content, communicate with stakeholders, or document projects, you already know the power of visual representation. Businesses can use ScenEngine to streamline their workflows, attract more clients, impress stakeholders, and reduce costs.

Commercial Real Estate

Fill units faster by qualifying prospective tenants before they walk through the door.
Use ScenEngine 3D Showcase to market to key audiences like remote decision makers and international investors. This is the only way to give them the feeling of being there, without being there.

Construction, Architecture & Civil Engineering

Streamline workflows, engage stakeholders, and document every step of your project.

Showrooms & Cultural Spaces

Draw visitors to new exhibits or show off stunning architecture and interiors.  ScenEngine Spaces are a meaningful, emotionally engaging way to experience venues online.

Travel, Hospitality & Event Planning

Give visitors a real feel for their experience before they even arrive. When catering to a remote audience, ScenEngine experiences make your accommodations stand out.

Retail & Restaurants

Show off your establishment and provide a preview of what customers can expect.

Insurance Adjusting

Adjusters can now capture detailed loss data in visually rich, immersive 3D. Team members can walk damaged properties as if they were there, taking measurements and capturing images.


Use 3D data.

Use Colorized Point Clouds For architecture, engineering, and construction. Open in AutoCAD, ReCap, or Revit and jump-start your as-built designs. ScenEngine™ combines 3D depth data with 2D visual data to create a textured 3D mesh that is the OBJ file. We sample the OBJ file to create the Dollhouse View in 3D Showcase. An OBJ file is not necessary for most users. 3D developers and VR enthusiasts can use the OBJ file to kickstart their projects with a 3D model of a real-world place.

ScenEngine supports Maya3D Studio Max, or Meshlab.


One Platfrom, Endless Possibilities.


If you would like to see something more specific for your business or have any questions please contact us.

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